A recent U.S. survey has revealed the top habits that annoy American workers regarding those they share office space with. Idaho's gripe is apparently with those who aren't in their seat when the tardy bell sounds.

Last year the arrival of the Covid-19 virus resulted in nationwide social-distancing in the workplace. Teleworking was commonplace for many companies, so communicating with co-workers was done primarily through emails and videoconferencing. With many staffers slowly heading back to the office after months of working from home, we can soon expect to be front and center for those co-worker habits we find most irritating.

Several years ago when I worked for a company on the west coast, I literally had a "Richmeister" in the office. I couldn't walk past this person, whose desk was located next to our office's copiers and printers, without having my ear talked raw. I don't mind some office banter from time to time, but this guy caused me to regularly fall behind on my tasks due to his excessive chatter. He would also sit down next to me as I was eating my lunch periodically, which drove me absolutely nuts.

A recent nationwide survey by Zippia of workers breaks down the most annoying co-worker habits. For Idaho, the most irritating habit is the staffer who misses work regularly, according to the data. The survey reflected the opinions of 1,200 U.S. workers who took part.

Talking too much about their kids, wasting time on social media, smoking, oversharing and being unresponsive were other habits that drive U.S. workers bonkers, according to the 2021 survey.

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