A new United States survey finds that lifestyle changes brought on by the pandemic resulted in a large percentage of Americans wanting to change some rather unhealthy  2020 habits in the new year. 

Working from home was hands down the one lifestyle change last year that took me the longest time to get comfortable with. I was already an obsessive compulsive, germaphobe, long before the Coronavirus forced people to start taking better care of themselves, so washing my hands repeatedly and avoiding large gatherings during flu season were two habits I've been practicing for most of my adult life.

While my company productivity didn't suffer in 2020, I just feel more in my element in the office. The idea of having to set a work station up at home to carry out my daily tasks wasn't something I was gung-ho about. I never stopped going into the office at any point during this pandemic, and averaged about 15-20 hours per week away from my home. Doing a radio show from the basement office isn't the easiest thing to pull off, so I'd go in to the studio at work when I knew most of my co-workers would be out.

I did put on weight, and I did tend to drink more alcohol during my time teleworking, but those are both things I've already started to curb in 2021.

A new survey of 2,000 Americans found that the two biggest bad habits picked up in 2020 that people are looking to dump in the new year were drinking and snacking too much, and oversleeping.

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