Every July 1st Idahoans get ready for the new laws passed by the state legislature to go into effect.  After years of lobbying, Idaho now has a license plate that honors its pet friendly status.The bill had strong bipartisan support and was the vision of former State Representative Hy Kloc.  He never gave up hope by sponsoring the law for years, even when the bill would fall short by only a few votes.

2019 brought together the sponsorship of Rep Melissa Wintrow, Rep. Clark Kaufman, Rep. Jim Addis, and Sen Van Burtenshaw and the support of Rep. Mike Moyle, Rep. Joe Palmer, and Sen. Kelly Anthon, the legislation passed with flying colors. Reps. Kloc and Wintrow were among the first people to get the Pet-Friendly License Plate.

Represenative Kloc reflected on the accomplishment,   "I stayed involved with this project when I left the legislature because there’s a serious lack of funding for low-cost spay and neutering. After so many years of work, it’s so rewarding to see this legislation finally take effect." Rep. Kloc explained.

"All of the money will go to help the animals who need it the most. That money will make a huge impact in how we deal with increasing animal populations in Idaho. I am so lucky that this bill was the product of a bipartisan effort. I feel very fortunate to have worked with these and other representatives on this project."

Representative Wintrow added,  "We have a lot of people in rural areas who have a lot of pets and there are fewer veterinarians and so we need to support those communities so they can actually do spay and neuter and now just kinda let things, ya know, go as the way as nature would. It's essential to control the pet population to keep the animals safe and happy as well as the communities around them. "

Will the money raised benefit the Idaho Humane Society?  No, they are not eligible for the funds.  The Pet Lover's Fund will receive the proceeds from the sales of the new plates.

Click the link here to get your pet friendly plate.



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