Does your kid think he's a dog?

My counterpart at our sister station, KIDO in Boise, Kevin Miller, posted a story this week about “furries”. This is some sort of trend or fashion among some teenagers. I posted a similar story a few months ago about this “subculture” being alive and well in Twin Falls. One local parent and pastor even told me about some students who claimed to be animals and going to the bathroom outside on school grounds. The district rejected the claim as silly stating:

None of the TFSD schools have experienced students coming to them with claims of identifying as animals.

 Liberals Deny Your Kids are Being Recruited

One leftist website claims those of us on the right-hand side of the political equation are simply sowing myths as a means to attack critical race theory. Which the left defends while claiming it doesn’t exist.

However, one state legislator told me a local school superintendent insisted CRT isn’t part of the curriculum. Some teachers may independently make it part of their lessons. Plausible deniability! And the administration gets to wash its hands. It's a national problem.

Do Parents Have a Right to Know?

If I was currently the parent of a student at school, I would want two questions answered. Is furry play-acting or is it an effort to recruit my kid into an alternative lifestyle? Do we still believe as a culture that our children belong to us or are they the property of the state?

Where does all the identity confusion end and is there an attempt to destroy our current culture from within? Check out this link. It’s about a guy who identifies as a woman and sometimes as a wolf. We’re told not to pass judgment.

As for schools, we already know they have live camera capability as a result of the pandemic. If the cameras were live throughout each school day, mom and dad could periodically check in. I’m guessing it would bring an end to a lot of what’s going on. Maybe we could then return to a system where we train our young to grow into productive citizens.

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