There are a lot of holidays that are set on a specific date and that makes the actual holiday rotate around the days of the week each year. Other holidays are celebrated on a day that just makes sense. 4th of July is an important date so we celebrate it on that specific date. Thanksgiving is important, but not the specific day, so we just celebrate it on the same Thursday of every year. Then we have holidays that are celebrated on a specific date but don't have any real reason to stay that way. I'm specifically looking at you Halloween. Boo.

Sure, you can argue that Halloween being on the 31st does make sense since it was intended to be that day before All Hallow's Day (also called Hallowmas which is pretty cool). But it only makes sense if you celebrate All Hallow's Day. Do you? Nope. So why don't we change the day of Halloween so that it makes more sense for the kids and costume loving adults? This year it will be on a Thursday and that really ruins it. Kids will have school and parents will have to work so it really puts a damper on the celebrating.

There's a petition going around right now to have the holiday moved to the final Saturday of October so that work and school don't get in the way of the festivities. While I agree with changing the date - I think it should be changed to the final Friday instead. That way kids can still wear their costumes to school and workplaces can hold a Halloween party. That doesn't work as easily if the holiday is on a Saturday.

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