Oh hell no! There are somethings I won't do for a paycheck...period. 

My coworker Chirs, who happens to be one of our station voice's, along with handling all the technical emergencies that go with being an engineer, invited me to join him out at one of our tower sights Tuesday to witness a guy change a light bulb. That might not sound exciting to many of you, but in order to accomplish this task, it required a lot of safety gear, men standing by ready to assist and 260 feet to climb. Unfortunately, family duty called this morning, and I missed the show.

In order for this maintenance must to get done, Chris had to meet the crew on-site prior to any work being done so he could assure things would be safe by temporarily powering off the tower. He was joined by Mason Michaelson of Paul, Idaho, and Jerrod Smith, of Dietrich. The two men's job was to replace a burnt out tower light, among other things.

The two men work for Northwest Datacom, and they do this stuff for a living. So, next time you get up on that rinky-dink, 16--foot ladder of yours and replace that light bulb in your shop, just remember, it doesn't make you that big of a badass.

tower guy1
Jerrod Smith; Photo by Chris Dixon

Just prepping for the task takes close to an hour. In this line of work, it's common for the crew to switch off climbs. One heads up, and the other stands by ready to assist should something unexpected happen. Chris sent his drone up to capture this incredible image by the way.

tower guy 2
Jerrod Smith; Photo by Chris Dixon

Thanks to all the crazy bast$%#s that do this stuff on a daily basis and keep our towers lit. You guys rock!

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