If you have an opinion on raising city property taxes slightly to cover the cost of road maintenance, the members of the Twin Falls City Council would really like to hear from you.  At its regular meeting last night the City Council expressed interest in hearing from city residents about an idea to raise the assessment to possibly as high as $12 dollars per $150,000 valuation, bring in an extra $380,000 to the city coffers to be earmarked for road maintenance.  According to City Engineer Jackie Fields, the city will be about half a million dollars short of what is needed to properly maintain the roads.  Before members of the council raise the assessment they want to hear from city residents.  The cap for the new fiscal year budget has already been set at $46.2-million dollars, giving the council some room to raise the assessment if necessary.  Those wishing to weigh in can attend a Monday evening city council meeting or email the city council members.  Those email addresses are available on the city website .

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