The recent announcement by an Irish manufacturer of breast implants is causing concern for those who have had the product used in procedures of their own.

Dublin-based pharmaceutical company Allergan announced the voluntary recall in a July 24 release of its BIOCELL implants due to a possible link to a cancer that targets the immune system. Large Cell Lymphoma is a type of non-Hodgkin cancer that is rare, and can appear in the skin, lymph nodes or major organs, according to data from the Lymphoma Research Foundation.

These saline-filled implants will be discontinued worldwide, stating patient safety as the reason. The company has committed to resolving this issue through offering the return of unused materials, such as tissue expanders.

Allergan is asking anyone with concerns, or anyone who wishes to submit a report form to the FDA, to click here. Symptoms of this type of Lymphoma include fatigue, fever, loss of appetite and weight loss.


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