According to historical accounts, in 1901 a man exploring a lake 160 miles northeast of Twin Falls discovered a portion of gold bullion that was stolen from a Wells Fargo stagecoach by members of two gangs working in cahoots. If this is accurate, then there is still well over $100,000 waiting to be found in a Jefferson County body of water.

Mud Lake is less than three hours away from Twin Falls by automobile, and only 40 miles from Idaho Falls, via State Highway 33 West. There are several reports of a bank robbery that occurred in 1865 that resulted in eight gold bars--each weighing approximately 20 pounds--having been stashed in the waters of Mud Lake by members of two area gangs, the Updikes and the Guiness gang. The gold would be worth a great deal more today, depending on its condition.

If indeed three of the bars were located 118 years ago, then that still leaves a hefty amount of money still awaiting Idaho treasure seekers somewhere in the waters of this meager lake that spans just over 5,000 acres of land.

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Just over 1,000 people live in the community of Terreton, which lies just south of Mud Lake. Those who may wish to conduct a gold expedition of their own in search of the alleged missing Mud Lake bullion bars, can click here for area accommodations and camping.

To drive from Twin Falls to Mud Lake, head north on 93 to 26 east, through Richfield and Carey, and proceed another 90 miles where hopefully your fortune awaits. Below is some older footage shot at the lake.

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