From the time we are old enough to understand, we are taught to call 9-1-1 in an emergency, and only in an emergency. But who hasn't accidentally called 9-1-1 through their cell phone emergency call button. This little boy found an old cell phone and dialed his local police department.

The Rupert Police Department shared this story on their Facebook page. Apparently a young boy, who looks to be about 3 years old (but I don't have kids so maybe I am way off), found an old cell phone and called 911. I am sure the boy didn't think it would work, but it did. 3 Rupert Police Officers showed up to the boys house and with his parents had a conversation with him.

The boy apparently loves the childrens' cartoon Paw Patrol and really loves police officers. Talking to the boy about calling 9-1-1 in a state of emergency, and then giving him his own badge is something that his parents at least will never forget.

In times like this we need to see the good out there, especially surrounding police who do their job, and do it with care. These men and women go out every day trying to keep people safe while putting themselves on the line.

Thank you to our local officers who continue to keep the badge in honor and doing a wonderful and caring job. We appreciate you so very much.

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