The Twin Falls County Sheriff's Office is warning residents that a scammer is calling people claiming to be an officer and demanding money. If you get a call from him, do not send him money.

According to the Twin Falls Sheriff's Office Facebook page, this scammer is claiming to be a "Deputy Gomez" from the number 208-398-4738. If someone calls you demanding money, in fact, most of the time if someone is calling demanding money it is almost always a scam.

If you do get the call just hang up or you can call the Sheriff office just to make sure it is not something you should be worried about. It is crazy to me how in depth some of these scams are getting. It makes me wonder what kind of trouble this person could get into for impersonating a Sheriff Deputy, and also ripping off potentially tons of people.

I have been getting tons of scam text messages lately as well. It makes me wonder if one of these days I really will have an extended warranty on my vehicle, probably not. Maybe one of these days I will be related to a prince in a random country across the ocean and score millions of dollars, even if I did I would never claim it because I would assume the worst. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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