BOISE, Idaho (AP) — Secretary of State Ben Ysursa says he's likely to demand that a group helping finance the campaign to save Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Luna's education reforms reveal its contributors. Education Voters of Idaho collected at least $200,000 to promote Luna's reforms ahead of the Nov. 6 referendum, but says it doesn't have to disclose donors because it's a nonprofit. On Monday, Ysursa said the group has yet to provide a legal explanation for why it's not a political action committee required by Idaho's 1974 "Sunshine laws" to disclose donors ahead of the election. Ysursa says he views disclosure as his "11th Commandment" — and that anything short of that eviscerates Idaho's laws governing fair election finance. Susan Buxton, Education Voters of Idaho's attorney, didn't return a call seeking comment.

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