(KLIX)- The campaign for the "Vote No on Proposition 1,2,3" got underway this week. The group aimed at pushing back State Superintendent Tom Luna’s Students Come First reform laws. The group says the laws approved last year are bad for students, teacher, and public education. Superintendent Luna says he takes any resistance to moving education forward seriously. He believes there is more out of state opposition to his measures than from within. The Vote No group collected more than 75,000 signatures to place three repeal measures on the November ballot. Luna says  “The only reason these are on the ballot is because  the national teachers union sent not only the money but the people to Idaho to gather these signatures. So I’m convinced that the same outside groups that funded the signature drive are going to spend the time and money here to try and overturn these laws. They lost  terribly in Wisconsin , they are determined  not to lose again so Idaho becomes the next battle ground.”
Luna says he expects it will be a very high profile effort and the oppositions best effort.

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