Well, it looks like COVID is sticking around a little longer. After a year of uncertainties, masks, working from home, and other individual changes, the summer of 2021 was a pretty nice reprieve for many. We eased up on restrictions and social distancing, gathered together with friends and took the vacations we had skipped in 2020. But now that fall is upon us, along with the regular flu season, we are seeing more COVID cases reported in Idaho.

Despite the numbers, many of us don't seem concerned. It's almost as if the novelty of the pandemic has worn off and we either aren't scared anymore or we just don't care. We want to live our lives like normal humans.

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The COVID virus doesn't seem to care: unvaccinated and vaccinated people are still getting sick, everyone is still encouraged to wear a mask no matter the status of their antibodies, old and young are getting sick and dying, while other old and young people are having mild symptoms. The virus doesn't care who we are so we don't care either.

Where Are The COVID Hotspots In Idaho

The short answer is that all of Idaho is considered a hotspot right now. The CDC says that every county in Idaho is at a high transmission level. According to the CDC that means everyone in Idaho should 'wear a mask in public, indoor settings'. Ada County is listed as the biggest hotspot in Idaho, which makes sense based on population size. This site has information from the CDC on what you should be doing to stay healthy and if you're feeling sick. But honestly, most of us are at the point where we think we have this figured out, we'll do it our own way, and if you want to get the vaccine you have had enough time by now.

Just remember to be respectful of others and their choices. Don't cough on people, lick door handles, or judge someone for wearing/not wearing a mask.

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