If you're someone who's compelled to power through a day at work despite the fact that you didn't sleep the night before, here's a step by step guide to sleeping at work without getting caught.

According to a former H.R. director, if you keep dozing off and can't get away from your desk, there are ways you can supposedly still get away with it.  Even though these all seem stupid and risky, I was really surprised how convincing they look.  And while they might not look like it, these positions are actually much more comfortable that they appear.


1.  Lie down under your desk.  Then if someone finds you, pretend you were having computer problems, and had to plug something back in.  The only downside I see to this one is that if people pass by, they might ask if you need help.


 2.  Lean on one hand, and put something in front of you, so it looks like you're reading.  Then just make sure you're not facing anyone who can tell your eyes are closed.  This may very well be the most convincing of the three.  I have my eyes completely closed and I'm putting all my weight into my arm and leaning just as heavy as if I were sleeping.  From behind, it just looks like I'm just slouching.  If you want to sell it a little more, put a pen in your other hand.  The best part is if you get caught, you can pretend you ACCIDENTALLY fell asleep.


3.  Make it look like you're reaching down to grab something off the floor.  Lean forward so you're face-down on your desk, let one arm hang off and put a piece of paper on the floor right below your hand, so it looks like you're reaching for it.  Next to the floor, this was the most comfortable.  My head into into the crook of my elbow.  I know it doesn't look a very relaxing pose, try it.  If I was tired enough, I could totally sleep in this position.

The only downside I can think of with this one is if someone sees you for more than two seconds, they'll KNOW you're asleep . . . or think you're DEAD.

ABC News' Chris Connelly demonstrated the exact same poses in this ABC News post that inspired my little test.  I think mine are slightly more convincing.  Which one do you think is the best?

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