State School Superintendent Tom Luna has announced the names of those who will be serving on a 38 member technology task force. It's that task force that will decide on how to implement the technology initiatives in the Luna "Students Come First" education laws. Luna says the task force is made up of  individuals from education, technology, and the business community. Task force members include  Democrat Representative Wendy Jaquet of Ketchum, Idaho Education Association President Sherri Wood, and others. The group's first meeting will be June 13-14 in Boise. Meanwhile Up until now, there have been only four referenda in the history of Idaho. The way it's looking now, Idaho will have its fifth, sixth and seventh. Unofficially, the group “Idahoans for Education Reform” has gathered over 50,000 petition signatures to ask voters whether or not Idaho should keep each of the three education reform bills.  County clerks across the state have verified the signatures. They won’t become official until they are presented to Secretary of State Ben Ysursa's office on June 6th.  says that you can bet stakeholders on both sides will be trying to get their messages heard between now and November.   Of the four previous referenda - only once, the 1936 sales tax, did the people overturn the Legislature. If you’re still not sure exactly what the reform entails or would like to hear more from either side stay tuned. Coming up on top story later this morning one of the people helping with the petition drive, Pete Peterson will be our guest at 9:05 this morning (5/27) and then Superintendent Tom Luna will be our guest next Tuesday (5/31) morning on Top Story on News Radio 1310 KLIX