TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX)-The Twin Falls School District hopes to partner with an app that will enable people to help students with various needs. The app is called Purposity. It connects users with individual needs in a specific community, and Twin Falls happens to be on the list.

The Twin Falls District Spokesperson Eva Craner says the phone app will allow them to connect the individual needs of students with community members willing to help. Needs can range from school supplies, clothing and shoes, or things needed at the home.

Purposity will send out weekly notifications of the needs within the community to those who sign up and download the app to their phone. Craner says the district will need to get a minimum of 500 people to download the app and choose Twin Falls as their community before they can begin listing needs. The district and its counselors will be administrators of the list of needs.

Craner says the school counselors will vet a students need before posting it to the app. One of the advantages of Purposity, Craner says, is it prevents multiple donations for just a single need, for example when a student might need shoes the app will show that the need has been met. The school district launched the initiative this week, with mainly staff downloading the app, but is seeking the communities help to reach the 500 downloads.

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