We’re all going to live forever, right?

You hear the stories.  One week coffee is good for you and the next week it’s stalking you at the office.

Eggs will kill you.  Until next year when eggs will save you.

The sun helps with vitamin production.  Until it causes cancer and you die!

This soup gets absorbed into your blood!

Having lived for seven years of my life at the beach and for a time as a child in a state park, I’ve had a few severe sunburns.  So, I started using sunscreen if I was going to be outside for any lengthy period.  At amusement parks, I insisted my daughter liberally smooth it on her arms, face and legs.  Her partly Italian ancestry appears to have given her a better sun shield than I inherited.

Now we hear sunscreen could be a killer.  This is a link from Wired magazine.  Our skin isn’t the only thing absorbing sunscreen chemicals.  This soup gets absorbed into your blood!

It may not be doing you any favors.  When it comes to living here’s a suggestion:  Use your best judgment.

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