Twin Falls may be growing by leaps and bounds but hasn’t gained any ground when it comes to Idaho’s largest cities.  In fact, the hub of the Magic Valley slipped a rung over the last two decades.  From number seven to number eight.  The city had a population of just over 35,000 in 2001 and now the Census Bureau explains the number of people who call the city home is just under 54,000.

Still Lagging Some Neighbors

Twin Falls appears to be growing at a faster rate than Pocatello and Idaho Falls, but those two places still remain larger.  Pocatello, once Idaho’s largest city, is seeing its growth rate just plod along.  If you don’t know the history, it was more populous than Boise in 1960.  Republican friends tell me Pocatello was controlled by Democrats for decades and the GOP blames liberal policies.  That would mirror the fate of cities run by Democrats across the country, however.  In city elections in Idaho, the candidates don’t campaign along party lines.

A Few Surprises When it Comes to Growth

Most of the state’s rapid growth remains in the Treasure Valley.  Kuna has almost quadrupled in size since the century began.  Eagle has more than doubled.  In other regions, Post Falls more than doubled over 20 years and Rexburg doubled.  Moscow and Lewiston grew but it was at a much slower pace.

Boise bears no resemblance to the sleepy city it was 60 years ago, but on a percentage basis, many of its suburbs are now growing much faster.  The Idaho Capital Sun is a publication that doesn’t require a paywall.  The paper has an extensive story at this link.

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