I am a huge Super Mario Bros fan. Always have been and always will be. It was a big part of my childhood--heck, my friends and I thought we were Mario and Luigi--so I put together this tribute song, You Give Me Sunshine.

For some people, video games may conjure up memories of gloomy arcades and angry introversion, but for us, video games were a source of imagination and creativity. Like an interactive movie that lasts for weeks on end!

This video takes us through the fearless plumber's history from 1982's console release of Donkey Kong all the way through to 2015's scheduled release of Mario Maker.

We tried to hit at least one video per year since 1982 for our Super Mario Bros Tribute, 'You Give Me Sunshine.'

The music is intended to improve in quality as the song progresses. In other words, as we go from 8-bit systems to 16-bit, the music increases its quality.

Long Live Plumbers!

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