Okay, I've known about Nintendo since its release in 1983. Believe me, while my friends were dating actual women, I was trying to save an 8-bit pixelated princess.

But I did NOT know about this controller called the Hands Free made for those without use of their arms. Kotaku reports it straps to the player's chest and features a stick-style d-pad controlled by the player's tongue or mouth.

The A and B buttons are controlled by "sipping" and "blowing" through a straw device, which I thought was super interesting.

It's not perfect by any means; for example, those poor, poor souls who rented button-mashers like Caveman Games or Track & Field... and inevitably passed out from exhaustion moments later.

My next question was price, just out of curiosity. Kotaku says it originally retailed for $179 on its own, or $120 when bundled with the NES. The only one I could find today is an expired eBay listing where it was priced at $500.

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