It's 'The Case of the Missing Sombrero', with a delicious reward being offered for the safe return of the Sombrero.

As I drove past the Jalapeno's restaurant in Nampa on my way home I always enjoy checking out their sign. They always have something creative or funny to catch drivers attention. Although what I saw today was didn't make me laugh.

While everyone would love to have their own Sombrero, whoever took the special 'Happy Birthday Hat' from the Jalapeno's on Caldwell Blvd should return it immediately.

From the looks of the sign it doesn't sound like they are trying to get anyone in trouble they just want their Sombrero returned. Plus stealing isn't funny, so do the right thing and return the property back where it belongs.

The address for where to return the Sombrero is 1921 Caldwell Blvd in Nampa. If the person or persons returning the Sombrero needs help collecting on the reward of 20 tacos I would be more than happy to help them devour the entire reward of 20 tacos.

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