Do You Hate January?
I realize the first of the year is suppose to be a fresh start. A time to set new goals and accomplish great things! BUT...I secretly hate January.
Seven Foods, and How Far You’d Have to Walk to Burn Them Off
I hate to talk about how to lose weight this time of the year. This is the time of year for turkey, gravy, rolls and more gravy....right?I don't want to talk about a "diet" until January 1st.
In case you are trying to lose weight around during the holidays here are seven foods …
Tricks to Eat Less on Super Bowl
You may be trying to eat healthy because you made a New Years resolution. Or you may just want to feel normal on the Monday following the Super Bowl. As Americans we always over eat on Thanksgiving, Christmas and the Super Bowl.
Another New Diet For 2015 – Don’t Eat After 4pm
I don't know what there are more of - fashion fads or diet fads. In just the last few weeks I've heard of diets where you count your bites, or you only need to exercise for 1 minute each day, and now another new diet for 2015 - don't eat after 4pm.
Does October Look Fat To You?
If you haven't lived up to last year's resolutions to be healthier and lose weight, you can go ahead and call it quits. October is the 5th fattest month of the year and the fattest are still ahead.
Diet That Counts Bites?
When you decide to diet - there all sorts of options! Now there is a diet that counts how many bites you take. According to the diet you are allowed to take 100 bites and you have to chew them 10-20 each and that will help you lose weight.
Which Diet Works Better – Low Carb or Low Fat?
Holy cow - if you are looking to lose weight there are literally tons of books with different ways to shed pounds. So which one is best? Starting a diet is a lot like choosing a religion. You want the right one that isn't a waste of time, that is best for you and you feel is right, and also sti…