If you haven't lived up to last year's resolutions to be healthier and lose weight, you can go ahead and call it quits. October is the 5th fattest month of the year and the fattest are still ahead.

There is some good news though - if you made it through September without gaining weight you made it through the second fattest month of the year!

A recent study found that in September the average person gains 2 pounds and 4 pounds in December.The 5 fattest months of the year are December, September, August, November, October.

This isn't really a surprise that we are less worried about our weight at the end of the year. We have been working since January to be presentable in the summer months and now that the pools are closed we can let loose and cover up with layers of loose fitting clothes until next year.

The fact that many of us sit inside watching sports and eating holiday candy and meals isn't helping our physique either... unless your are counting bites as part of your diet.

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