Filer High School Senior Hosting Toy Drive
A high school senior from Filer decided that her senior project would be a toy drive for families in need this holiday season. You can order online directly to her from an Amazon wish list or drop them off this Saturday December 5th.
Road Conditions To Pomerelle Ski Resort
Recently, we took video of Howell Canyon Road, also known as Pomerelle road. Please note the video doesn't reflect actual speeds.
The road had been plowed and sanded making driving conditions OK. However, if I've learned anything about reporting driving conditions it's that everyone≈…
Red Cross Wants your Blood
KLIX-This Halloween, Count Dracula is not the only one who needs your blood. The American Red Cross wants you too! Regular blood donations are needed to maintain a safe and adequate blood supply for patients in our local hospitals. Give Count Dracula the boot and instead help make a difference to so…
Idaho Veterinarian Starts Blood Drive for Dogs
AP - A Boise veterinarian seeking a more reliable blood supply for dogs needing transfusions has started a donor program. Veterinarian Chad Hunt started the Canine Blood Heroes program at his Boise animal Hospital in January.  Under the program, owners can bring in their dogs to donate
nearly a …