Here Are Eight Glorious Minutes of People Falling
Even though this dangerously slippery patch of pavement is helpfully marked with impossible-to-miss pylons, very few choose to go around it. This is great news for us, because it means we've got an eight-minute-long video of people slipping and falling on ice.
Many Enjoying Shoshone Falls Spectacle
It’s a delicate balancing act…to keep the Snake River from overflowing and yet make room in upstream reservoirs in time for the belated spring runoff.  The result is a spectacular view of Shoshone Falls with over 18,000 cubic feet of water going over it every second.  The spectacle usually only happ…
Twin Falls Has First Rec-Center Meeting
What started off about a year ago as a comment after a city council meeting that absolutely no way was the city of Twin Falls looking into a recreation center actually turned into a meeting this week regarding the possibility of a recreation center.