One Flown to Utah Hospital after Buhl Fire
When the Buhl Fire Department arrived on the scene at 4263 N 1400 E, there were multiple out buildings and camper trailers on fire. An outbuilding is classified as any free standing building such as a shop, storage shed, wooden building that is not a home.
BASE Jumper Suffers Broken Leg after Jumping off Twin Falls Bridge
A BASE jumper injured his leg when jumping off Perrine Bridge Thursday. The Twin Falls County Sheriff's Office resounded to the call a little after noon. The man jumping was from Florida and packed his own chute, but Deputy Sheriff Stacy Gorrell does not know how many prior jumps he has done.
Cheerleading Needs to be Safer Say Experts
CHICAGO (AP) — The nation's leading group of pediatricians says cheerleading should be considered a sport to make it safer. In a new policy, the American Academy of Pediatrics says cheerleading has become a lot more physical and athletic, and it should get the same kind of safety oversigh…
Deadly Mixture Caused Burley Explosion
BURLEY, Idaho (AP) — Fire officials suspect a dangerous mixture of cleaning solvent, dirty rags and high explosives likely led to an explosion that sent the wife of a southern Idaho legislator to the hospital with second-degree burns. Amy Wood is listed in good condition Tuesday at the Univers…
Car Hits School Bus-One Injured
(KLIX)-Only one person was injured after a care hit a school bus in Jerome County. Idaho State Police say a school bus was headed down highway 93 Thursday morning when it slowed to make a right turn onto a county road. 21 year old James Clayton of Richfield was also head in the same direction, but f…
Rupert Man Gets Prison Time For Death Of Infant
A Rupert man will be spending some time in prison after the death of his three month old baby girl.  25 year old Jamie Lopez was sentenced yesterday to 3 ½ years for felony injury to a child.  His daughter, Nivea Lopez, died in December of 2008 from injuries including skull fracture…

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