Stupid Idaho Laws That Make No Sense
Every state has some laws that make you scratch your head. It makes you wonder how and why something became such a problem that you had to write a law about it. I found some really stupid laws in Idaho that make absolutely zero sense and are actually pretty funny.
Idaho Laws That Make You Go “Huh”?
Every state has some strange laws and Idaho is no different. We found some of the most ridiculous laws that make you wonder why they are even a thing, and some you probably broke without realizing it.
Idaho Has A Problem With Bullying
We see statistics all the time and, frankly, most of them are meaningless lists. However, I saw one stat today that is troubling for those of us in Idaho. If the numbers are to be believed, Idaho has a problem with bullying.
New Laws Are in Effect Today
Three new laws go into effect today in Idaho. If you just filled up your car with gas and re-registered your car, you may fill slightly lucky.
Should The Smoking Age Change?
Currently in Idaho you can buy cigarettes at 18 years of age. That could change. New York is the first state to officially change the legal age of buying tobacco products. Recently the New York Times announced the legal age for buying tobacco, including cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, cigars and cigarillos will rise to 21, from 18, under a bill adopted by the City Council and which Mayor Michae
Idaho’s New Anti-Union Laws Declared Unconstitutional
A federal judge has thrown out Idaho's two newest anti-union laws, saying they violate federal rules and would restrict the free play of economic forces.  The laws, intended to weaken the power of labor organizations in Idaho, were passed during the 2011 legislative session...