How To Eat Healthier On Thanksgiving Without Sacrificing Flavor!
Food expert Jill Skeem will tell you how you can substitute certain ingredients in your big meal without sacrificing the flavor.

Big discussion today about former Senator Larry Craig and his appeal of his order to pay back money he used from his re-election fund to pay his attorney fees
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The King Has Spoken…Illegal Aliens Can Stay
President Obama told the country last night that if illegal aliens meet certain criteria, they will not be deported.  Some claim he is circumventing the law while others say he is just prioritizing priorities.  What do you think?

Ella Donahue will have the CSI Update at 8:20
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Larry Craig Back in Idaho Spotlight – KLIXcast
Former Idaho Senator Larry "Wide Stance" Craig has been appointed as Finance Chairman for the Idaho GOP.  Some people, even Republicans, have a problem with that.

Shawna Obenchain and Cecilia Gracida explain the upcoming "Running with the Turkeys
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Obama…ISIS is NOT Islamic. Are You Convinced?
Wednesday evening President Obama said ISIS is not an Islamic organization...it is a terrorist organization.  Many people may have a tough time believing that.  What do you think?

9/11...a date that will "live in infamy."
The cops will have the "bad guys" …
[VIDEO] Fun With the Prez – Minnesota 2014
It's the next video in our Fun With the Prez series... President Obama's Q&A with the audience from Minnesota, a.k.a. The Group of Death.
Our first video (State of the Union 2014 splice-up) is located here.
Our second (Austin 2014 splice-up) is here.
Watch President Obama’s Tearful Address
President Obama addressed the nation following the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.
Our hearts are broken today… for the parents and grandparents, sister and brothers of these little children, and for the families of the adults who were lost.
Idaho Gives All to Romney
BOISE, Idaho (AP) — Voters in the Republican stronghold of Idaho picked Republican Mitt Romney in his failed White House bid. Idaho residents haven't approved of putting a Democrat in the White House since 1964 and the outcome was hardly a surprise given the popularity of the Romney and the backing …

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