Jerome Police Need Your Help
Theft affects us all. Whether you have had your house broken into, your car vandalized or been a victim of higher prices in the grocery store do to theft. We all pay the price when someone steals.
How Awkward Are Company Photos?
Every company I have ever worked for has required me to participate in a company picture. Ugh!
There are several types of people when it comes to company photos:
Last Week to Enter! [Contest]
You have until December 14, 2014 to get your entry in for the Christmas Pet photo contest, sponsored by Valley View Veterinary Clinic. The top photo wins an XBOX 360!
Is Kim Kardashian Hot or Not?
I still can't figure in the world, is this chick famous? She's not a musician, actress or active model. As far as I am concerned, she's a girl with a pretty face and a HUGE badonkadonk. She put out an awful tape and got lucky when Ryan Seacrest gave her family a reality show…
Who Was Jessie Bisbee?
(KLIX)-Ever wondered about the woman behind the men of history. for example most people in the magic valley may have heard of Clarence Bisbee. The famous photographer who captured stills of the Magic Valley in its early development and he was a major contributor to the growth of the area early on...
Brisbane, Australia Crippled by Recent Flooding
Brisbane, Australia's third largest city, has been hit with flash floods that have wiped out thousands of homes and caused at least 10 reported deaths. The country is urging citizens to evacuate the impacted area. If you'd like to help those affected by the floods, you can donate to t…