The question of whether or not taking a photograph or recording a woman breastfeeding in public should be a punishable offense has been once again raised recently. Some countries are in the process of deciding whether or not capturing these images for personal interest or objection should be countered with jail time.

I've seen it numerous times while in public settings, and it's never once bothered me. I understand and appreciate the process of a mother providing nutrients to her infant child in its purest form. It's a natural reaction for me to turn my head and give the mother as much privacy as she can possibly have.

If someone were to ask my opinion on the matter, I would say that anyone who takes pictures of a breastfeeding mother in public--whether it's to archive the action for some personal protest at a later time, or for some sick, perverse thrill--then that individual should be met with consequences. I believe the punishment for these actions should mirror those of such offenses as invasion of privacy, or even libelous if the photo taker then shares the image in an effort to cast a negative light on the mother.

Women are often made to feel as if they have done something horrible by those who call them out for public breastfeeding. These images are sometimes shared on personal social media sites in an effort to stir up support against such acts. If you believe the majority of mothers leave their homes wanting to breastfeed in public you might be slightly daft.

Officials in England this week are considering jail sentences for those who commit such acts. Do you believe people who take such photographs in Idaho should be prosecuted?

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