Commission Directs Fish and Game to Develop New Fee
BOISE, Idaho – The Idaho Fish and Game Commission recently directed Fish and Game staff to develop a proposed bill for consideration by the Idaho Legislature that would create a new $5 charge to purchase an Adult Resident annual hunting, fishing or trapping license.
Dangers of Cannabis – It’s All in the Genes! KLIXcast
Twin Falls Psychiatrist Dr. Richard Worst says marijuana can cause issues, especially in younger users and may cause more issues in some people than others.

Mike Tylka talks about the CSI Woodworking Auction coming up Saturday.
Sgt. Keith Thompson with the Idaho State Police says if you see suspicious…
Did The Cops Kill Eric Garner, or did Asthma?
Sparking protests in several cities, social media outrage and a U.S. civil rights probe, a New York City grand jury declined to indict a white police officer in the death of a black man put in a chokehold after selling untaxed cigarettes.  Here we go again...
“Stupid American Voter” – Gruber
It's the video that has gone viral by the Obamacare architect...Mr. Jonathan Gruber.

The cops will have the "bad guys" list today at 8:30.
Join Kelton Hatch from Idaho Fish & Game with your questions and comments at 9.
Comet space probe "Philae" may be i…