BOISE, Idaho – The Idaho Fish and Game Commission recently directed Fish and Game staff to develop a proposed bill for consideration by the Idaho Legislature that would create a new $5 charge to purchase an Adult Resident annual hunting, fishing or trapping license. 

Revenue from the proposed fee would be used for three purposes:

  • Provide additional money to compensate landowners for depredation damages
  • Create more resources for preventing big game depredations
  • Increase funding for more hunting and fishing access

The proposed fee would generate an estimated $2 million annually. Here’s how the funds would be utilized:

  • $500,000 more funding to compensate for crop damages caused by wildlife up to $1.5 million annually based on available cash balance
  • $500,000 more funding to prevent crop damage from big game herds
  • $1 million to improve access to private land from willing landowners for hunting and fishing.
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Fish and Game’s depredation compensation law has been in effect for nearly 30 years. The new fee not only improves Fish and Game’s ability to compensate for, and prevent damages, it also helps the agency provide more and better hunting and fishing opportunity across the state.

The Fish and Game Commission recognizes that managing for abundant big game herds comes with responsibility to address impacts those herds cause to privately owned farms and ranches.

More information about the proposed new fee is posted online at Fish and Game.

The proposed new fee would be paid prior to purchasing an annual license and does not change Fish and Game’s Price Lock Revenue proposal currently under consideration. More information about Price Lock is posted on this Fish and Game webpage.

Source: Idaho Department of Fish and Game

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