Why Amazon is Eating Walmart’s Lunch
I guess the latest trend in business success is annoying customers.  I’m not a devoted Walmart shopper.  I do stop now and then because the hours are good for my schedule and it’s close to home.
Will the Twin Falls Walmart Close?
On January 28, 2016 Walmart will close 269 stores leaving thousands of people without jobs.
The company will close 154 locations in the U.S., including the company’s 102 smallest format stores, Walmart Express, which had been in pilot since 2011. The closures will also include some Wa…
Jerome Police Need Your Help
Theft affects us all. Whether you have had your house broken into, your car vandalized or been a victim of higher prices in the grocery store do to theft. We all pay the price when someone steals.
Commentary: Idaho and America at the Crossroad
Saturday I drove to Sun Valley.  I listened the entire trip to Newsradio 1310 KLIX.  Only during a couple of stops at intersections at the resort did I lose the station because of some nearby interference.  Since we don’t any longer see many of the old 50-thousand watt AM boomers of my youth I’ve go…
2014 Black Friday Ads
The 2014 Black Friday ads are out! Part of being successful during Black Friday is having a plan of attack: know where you are going and what you are buying.
Top 5 Twin Falls Costume Shops
Halloween is almost here. If you haven't decided on a costume yet, it's crunch time. Here are the top 5 shops in Twin Falls where you can pull together a great last minute costume.
Walmart Ice Cream Sandwich Time Lapse Video
You may have heard the controversy that Walmart ice cream sandwiches don't melt.  We wanted to see if it's true.
Yep, it's true.
We put out three ice cream sandwiches on a hot 90 degree afternoon in Twin Falls.
Here's a 2 hour time lapse condensed into 30 seconds...

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