If I told you that you can see a lot of strange things at Walmart, you might say, “No scat, Sherlock!” Strange encounters at the Twin Falls Walmart are probably trebled because the store is located so close to Route 93. The road is almost like a modern Route 66. It’s long and snakes through some very unusual places across several states. Every once in a while, some nomad from southern California or the Nevada desert stops locally at Walmart to pick up supplies and sometimes to get some sleep.

I encountered the wildly painted bus one hot summer afternoon a few years ago. It struck me, that in the course of a few years, several new buildings have gone up that you don’t see in the pictures.

You wouldn’t drive the bus pictured if you wanted to remain anonymous. Something tells me the owner has a slightly artistic bent.

I referenced the Partridge Family in the title. It was a popular TV show 50 years ago and launched the careers of some young stars. It was based on a fictional family band that takes to the road in an old tricked-out bus. The TV program was based on a real family band called the Cowsills.

Pop culture of the time was psychedelic, even when it came to wholesome musicians. You should’ve seen the vertical striped pants we all wore to school at the time. They were hideous! Hair was out of control and our parents barely tolerated how we dressed. We only got away with it because we promptly finished our homework!

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