Sip N Cycle here in Twin Falls is a 15 person bike that will take you around Downtown Twin Falls with all your friends. It is essentially a party on a bicycle that you can also drink or not drink on.

According to the website, you can get up to 15 people on the bike, a minimum of 10 people, and they will take you around Downtown. You bring your drink of choice which means it can be boozy or non alcoholic. You get to play some music and chat with the driver who will have a ton of information for you.

To me this sounds like way more fun than a party bus, you get to enjoy the fresh air with your friends and/or family and take in the sights. The bicycle is $300 to rent for 2 hours so if you get a minimum of 10 people, and my math is correct, it is about $30 per person. If you fill the bike with 15 people it is $20 per person.

Again, it is BYOB they won't be selling alcohol on the bike, but they will be making stops at different places in Downtown from shopping to restaurants and bars. 2 hours is a long time to be able to explore. I can't tell if you can bring a cooler but it is something I will look into and let everyone know.

If you want to book it you have to call them. they do not have online booking yet.

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