I’m not sure this applies in Twin Falls.  There aren’t many places for all-night dining.  One of the more popular spots cut hours during COVID and I don’t believe the place ever restored all-night eating.  I pass the place going to and from work and don’t see any activity.  A website that looks to be affiliated with USA Today is listing the favorite haunts for drunks in all 50 states.  In Idaho, Jack in the Box is listed as the number one place for night owls to visit.  Again, I’m not sure it’s open overnights locally.

I haven’t had a late night out on the town with friends in probably more than 30 years.  Back in the day, we used to stop at Perkins for pancakes.  We would sometimes drink coffee and talk until sunrise.  Older folks can’t manage those hours.  Much less, all that coffee.  Like you need a diuretic in your 60s!

Some of the southern options look like they would be welcoming.  I’m thinking of Waffle House.  I last visited one of those about a dozen years ago.  It was late morning and I was traveling and made a stop for breakfast.

I gather there aren’t a lot of barflies out locally.  Once more, I’m up early for work five days a week and rarely see any traffic before 3:00.  Sometimes I’m up early on weekends and go shopping at WinCo.  Again, I’m often the only car on the streets.

I can’t speak for the Treasure Valley or university towns.  Some of you may have more experience with those locations.

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