A couple of Idaho neighbors appear to be perpetually three sheets to the wind.  Does it come as a surprise that one of them is Nevada?  If you walk into a casino in that state, there is booze everywhere.  Well-lubricated drunks are often more willing to part with their money.  I was in a Nevada hotel last summer and the ground floor was nothing but slot machines.  There were people at the bar even early in the day and in front of each one of them was a betting terminal.  Sober people might have lower risk tolerance.

Nevada is number two in the nation when it comes to inebriation…  I mean imbibing.  New Hampshire is number one.

Also among the leaders in sucking up the suds is Montana.  I was in a small town in Montana a few years ago and the downtown looked like Pottersville from It’s a Wonderful Life.  There wasn’t any other major business or industry in the area.  There were even slot machines at a local gas station.  Located in a room off the back.  Is there a pattern between booze and gambling?  Because Delaware has a massive casino next to its NASCAR track and it rivals Nevada and New Hampshire in suds consumed.

Idaho is a relatively sober place, according to the website vinepair.com.  Neighboring Utah appears to be not high but dry!  It’s tradition there.  As the home to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, sobriety is a way of life, however.  One LDS friend does like to cook in wine (the alcohol burns off and into the air).

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