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The Internal Revenue Service is about to double its size.  Liberals claim tax cheats are costing the government one trillion dollars a year.  With 80 thousand new workers, the IRS can better travel door-to-door harassing taxpayers.  The additional staff will make the agency larger than the military, border patrol, FBI, and the Department of State.  You can see the numbers by clicking here.

U.S. Senator Mike Crapo attempted to amend the latest spending bill cobbled together by Democrats.  He and his fellow Republicans were spurned.  You can view his attempt at the bottom of the page.  Like many in his party’s ranks, there’s a belief the new agents will eventually be deployed against working-class Americans.

Over time, the pressure to reduce the national debt will require more and more taxation.  An army of tax collectors will then be in place and can quickly be deployed to squeeze Americans out of every last dime.

The latest spending bill totals nearly one trillion dollars.  Hundreds of billions will be diverted into programs to provide subsidies for expensive green energy alternatives.  These subsidies have generally ended up in the hands of wealthy Americans.

A U.S. Senator from Maryland, Democrat Ben Cardin, claimed over the weekend the latest spending binge will reduce inflation by taking money out of the economy.  Money that would normally be used for private business investment, research and development, and consumer spending.  You’ll pay more in taxes and see what little you have left swallowed by inflation.  Democrats call this progress!

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