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The President’s base is promoting something called environmental, social, and governance.  It’s ESG for short.  ESG looks to impose its radical values on the means of investing and production.  Think what the current high cost of eggs would be if all chickens were required to be free-range.  Or the cost of milk and cheese if the United States adopted some of the wacky ideas being promoted in New Zealand, which is an English-speaking nation that was one large prison during the so-called pandemic.

Idaho’s two U.S. Senators, Mike Crapo, and Jim Risch, are working in conjunction with Senator John Thune of South Dakota to block the latest liberal idiocy.  The three Senators are all Republicans.

Biden would like to use lenders to coerce farmers and ranchers to follow ESG guidelines.  Many would end up out of business because they can’t afford to reach the standards set by the banks.  Price increases would follow the environmental regulations and because there could be shortages as farms fail.  Also, with the small farms out of the way, the supply chain would be controlled by only a handful of corporate farms working closely with an ever more controlling government.

The Senators have support from several other Republicans representing states with strong agricultural sectors.  The challenge is finding support among some Democrats and independents.  Risch and Crapo serve in the minority.

If they can peel away Joe Manchin (West Virginia), Jon Tester (Montana), and Kyrsten Sinema (Arizona), the Republicans can send a message.  You can click here for more details.

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