UPDATE:  Turtle returned.
It may not rival the zoo in Salt Lake City, or even the zoo in Pocatello, but the Twin Falls Zoo is a popular stop for families across the valley.  And now alleged thieves have found it attractive.  The people who operate the facility posted the latest news to Instagram, and they have some pictures of the alleged crooks in what appears to be the act of stealing a turtle.

I don’t know the people who created the facility at the Magic Valley Mall, but they’re devout Christians and I’ve seen them worshipping at their church.  They tried and walk a righteous path and opened the small zoo as a public service.  They do educational programs for children and the public.

Just why in the world would some local delinquents have a use for a turtle?

They did everything but smile for the surveillance camera.  An old sheriff I knew many years ago told me that most criminals aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed.  These fellows are just plain tools.

I give zoo staff credit for saying they’ll go easy if the animal is returned.  But if these creeps are local, then all of their neighbors and families will have an opportunity to apply some social pressure.

People make mistakes.  We all make them.  But most of us never do things so stupid.  It takes a special kind of family to offer forgiveness.  The zoo has even brought some of the animals to our studios.  We never once thought about stealing any.

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