Could it happen here?  Possibly.  But remember, if you steal under 1,000 dollars worth of goods in California, you can get away with a slap on the wrist.  The video above shows a thief making off with a Christmas tree in California.  The tree had a value of 250 dollars.  A few things to note, this crooked Christmas thief is driving an expensive SUV.  He also isn’t afraid of security cameras, which most people know are practically everywhere.  While he may not get a trip to jail, the holiday hoodlum will likely be recognized.  He better hope that his boss doesn’t see the video.  You would fire a guy like that.

However, we would like to believe our neighbor’s better nature would be evident this time of year, if not all year long.  I read about toys stolen from charities, buckets from the Salvation Army, and packages from porches every year.  Greed and crime respect no season.

There are a few steps you can take to protect yourself.  Some delivery services will hold packages locally, or you can have them delivered to a neighbor who plans to be home.  I often have personal packages delivered to my office.  The goods are only dropped off when the business is open.

Store shopping bags in a trunk, or out of sight.  A tree is a different matter.  Leave someone behind in the vehicle, or go straight home without stopping.  It may not be convenient, but it can save a headache and broken hearts.

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