Vacations are an interesting thing. You can ask each person you know what their dream vacation would be and you'd get a different answer from each of them. I had this conversation with some of my family members over the weekend as we discussed a possible summer vacation. We each had a different idea on where we should go, ranging from Cancun, Bear Lake, a California beach, and New Zealand. Knowing that we all have different ideas of a great location for a vacation, the results of a recent study are kind of intriguing and flattering for Idaho.

My guess would be that most people planning vacations this year would want to head somewhere tropical, warm, and exotic. I'm only kind of right. The results from HomeToGo have Priest Lake, Idaho as one of the top 10 locations their clients are looking at for a 2021 summer vacation.

I won't disagree that it sounds like a great place to visit, but maybe since I live here I am forcing myself to think of places that are in a different state. I do love our mountain locations and the Pine/Featherville area is one of my favorite places to camp along with anywhere near the Alturas and Pettit Lakes in the Sawtooth Mountains.

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Maybe the pandemic has people wanting to vacation somewhere that won't be crowded with tourists. Maybe people are looking to replace towering buildings with towering trees. Either way, it looks like Priest Lake is going to be a busy area this year.

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