It's one thing to care about helping people that are in need. It's yet another to get out of your comfort zone and actually go do something about it. Jonathan Tripp and his family recently made a humanitarian trip to Nicaragua to assist people who really needed a hand. They came into our studios to share what they encountered.

Jonathan described the town where they did much of their work. "It's a town where the Pacific Ocean is washing away homes. People are struggling to maintain where they live. So, part of the project down there is building some cinder block homes that are on higher ground and the people that are getting those homes are required to participate in the construction, so it's not just a giveaway."

In addition, they went to one of the larger cities in the region to help repair an orphanage and serve meals for several hundred residents in need.

The Tripp family lived in bamboo huts with no air conditioning during much of their time there. The experience has changed their way of thinking now that they're back in the Magic Valley. Several mentioned changing majors and hope to someday go back to Nicaragua and assist more.

For more information on their story, you can visit the Tripp Family Medicine website and Facebook page.

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