If you have recently driven past Shoshone Street South in Twin Falls, you may have noticed city crews are in the process of renovating one of the county's oldest standing landmarks. The grain silos that have towered over the Depot Grill for years are currently receiving a much-needed makeover.

As I was heading back to work on Shoshone Street South Monday afternoon, something caught my eye near the old Twin Falls Milling Warehouse. I've passed these silos multiple times a week for the past four years, and the only time I've seen activity near them was the afternoon I saw a scruffy, long-haired dude (an employee I presumed) performing something that looked like a one-man moshpit atop one of them.

According to records, the silos are 106-years-old. Aside from serving the purpose of storage, the silos have acted as city billboards promoting Twin Falls' products that have been a source of state pride for decades. The warehouse has been a celebrated shipper of products both in the United States and overseas dating back to 1913.

If you've ever stood up close to the site, which I have, it's easy to get a sense of just how long these silos have stood in the historic district of Twin Falls. Age has definitely caught up with the warehouse, and I would imagine more upgrades and repairs will be needed in the coming years to keep these historical markers standing.

If you haven't seen what's been going on at the site this week, you should take a drive past.

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Greg Jannetta
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Greg Jannetta

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