Idaho has some interesting history. We found some places around Idaho that have some interesting, some of them horrific, stories associated with them.


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    Minidoka Camps

    These camps were housing for Japanese Americans after the attack on Pearl Harbor. It was one of the largest ones in the country. You can still go and check them out. There is a lot of history behind it and it is crazy that it wasn't that long ago something like that happened here.

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    Preston, Idaho

    This is not only the place that Napoleon Dynamite was filmed, back in 1863 The Bear River Massacre occurred. 350 Northwestern Shoshone Native Americans were murdered.

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    Massacre Rock

    Massacre Rock is a state park in American Falls. There are lots of hiking trails and it was a famous spot along the Oregon Trail. It is also where emigrant wagon trains and Native American clashed.

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    Hemmingway House

    The Hemmingway House in Ketchum has a ton of history. It is actually where Ernest Hemmingway killed himself and is buried.

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    Old Idaho Penitentiary

    It is one of only four territorial prisons that are still open to the public. You can take guided tours which is pretty cool. The penitentiary was build in 1870 and was in operation for over 100 years. Who knows what kind of secrets and history those walls hold.

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    Submarine in Arco

    There is a submarine in the middle of the desert in Arco. The sub was named the "devils boat" due to the "666" on its hull. It was dedicated to Arco during one of their Atomic Days celebrations.

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    Custer in Stanley was part of a mineral rush back in the 1800s. There were tons of people there but after it all dried up, the town became deserted. You can go check out the mining areas and even some of the cabins and structures that have been revamped.

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