For those of you that missed Vince Neil's free concert at Cactus Pete's over the weekend, I thought I'd put together a little recap for you.

I arrived in Jackpot at 11:30 AM, on Saturday, to meet with Events Manager Matt Hartgrave, who was very accommodating, and great to work with. Getting to hang with Matt, and guys like TJ from Snake Harley Davidson and Shane ("Gunner") from Snake River Bros, was a real blast.

It was also truly a pleasure getting to meet many of you. I've got to give you all props for not letting the heavy winds and chilly evening keep you from rocking. Vince put on a hell of a show!

Here are some of the sights and sounds from Snake City Saturday Night. Thanks again to those of you that made it down. Feel free to share your pictures or videos of the evening with us.

Cheers! (Photos by Greg Jannetta)


Here is some concert footage of Vince Neil rocking Cactus Pete's Outdoor Amphitheater Saturday, June 9.