We are getting so close to finding out which restaurant could be crowned the top in Twin Falls. Your votes have narrowed it down from 64 to 8. We are in the finals of each bracket before we combine them all together. See which restaurants are left and vote for your favorite.

In the Twin Falls Italian/Pizza category Maxies has officially beat out Olive Garden and Papa Kelsey's beat out Pizza Pie Cafe. That means Maxie's and Papa Kelseys are going head on for your votes.

In the Mexican Restaurant category La Fiesta blew by El Toro and Janitzio's beat out Jarritos. That means that Janitzio's and Jarritos are facing off head on to see which one makes the final 4.

Next up we have the burger category. This one was really close. Scooter's edged out The GR and Milner's Gate bested Culver's with your votes. That means Scooters and Milner's Gate are going head to head for your votes.

And finally the breakfast category. This one was the closest of them all. We do have some fantastic breakfast places around here. Norm's Cafe beat out Black Bear Diner and Full Steam in 2nd South Market barely beat IHOP. So it's Norm's versus Full Steam in 2nd South Market.

Which restaurants will make the final 4 and be ultimately crowned the best? Good question. Cast your votes for your favorites. I am excited to see what Friday brings! The competition is getting harder as time goes on.

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