There are a lot of reasons to visit Idaho, but 'to be alone with potatoes' is a new one for me. That's the title of a new popular video on YouTube posted by a lady who just wants to get away from it all and enjoy some potato time.

Why Did Kelly Stamps Want To Be Alone With Potatoes In Idaho?

Kelly Stamps is the YouTuber who posted the video less than 24 hours ago. In that time she's racked up more than 45 thousand views. With that kind of a following it sounds like she did need to get away from people for a bit. She actually travels around to different places and titles her videos based on a food from that location. For Idaho it was potatoes, Boston for cannoli, and San Diego for a taco.

Why Do 45 Thousand People Care That Kelly Stamps Went To Idaho?

Before today I had never heard of Kelly Stamps. I came across her recent video only because I was searching for a cool new Idaho video. I was expecting a nice drone video, epic scenery, and modern video editing. I only get one of those things in this video. There's no drone footage and the editing is basic. She does visit the Ketchum and Sun Valley area so there is obviously some nice nature shots.

So, why does this video have so many views? It seems like her followers really appreciate that she's just out being her and not caring about what the world thinks. Despite the video being basic with no frills, she actually has some pretty funny comments: as to why she puts on fancy outfits when she's alone she says 'I just like dressing up for the birds' and she's wearing her 'elegant-mountain-lady breakfast outfit'.

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