My coworkers have previously referenced we’ve got livestock in residence at Townsquare Media.  The animals belong to neighbors but find it’s comfortable at our studios.

A man with a foreign accent walks 4 dogs in the neighborhood. He leashes just one.

Twice in the last couple of weeks I’ve found neighborhood dogs chasing the Townsquare Chicken.  The same dogs.  A man with a foreign accent walks 4 dogs in the neighborhood.  He leashes just one.  He likes to use our property on his way to the neighboring baseball diamonds where his dogs leave droppings.

We also have cats who live in our barn.  They’re stray or semi-feral and, as it turns out, are friendly.  We’ve had two cats attacked by dogs in the last couple of years.  Both cats are dead.

The foreign man with all the dogs told me last weekend he’s aware of leash laws.  He was quite honest in telling me he doesn’t care if his dogs chase livestock and other animals.  He knows children play ball where his dogs take their dumps.

It isn’t just foreigners.  Plenty of people who are descended from colonialists and settlers also don’t care.  Since there isn’t a cop on every corner, what can we do?

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